Armeena Rana’s DM is open for medical advise related to COVID-19


Armeena Rana Khan says that in this time of crises we are all same. She further said that all her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts are open to the medical practitioners in order to verify the information regarding Corona virus and avoid the misinformation .


She says that do contact with her if any of the doctor has any information that might help the humanity in this critical time.

The actress has been vocal about social issues, calamities and injustices.

The actress wrote on her Instagram and Twitter.

She wrote,

“Hi peeps, one world, one fight. I am you, you are me and so I am making  my social media available to medical professionals all over the world. Let’s tackle #fakenews with the latest VERIFIED info to help fight #COVID19. Please get in touch on here, FB and Instagram Admins are on. Thank u.”


Well, we must admit that our celebrities are vocal and helping out best in their capacity. They are doing charity  , spreading awareness and bringing information. What else do we need?

We just need to stay at home.

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