Armeena Rana Khan has suggestion for local fans

Armeena Khan

Armeena Rana Khan suggests to watch Alif Drama to the Pakistanis who want to watch Pakistani content. She says that Alif is a great drama to be watched and do encourage such content which you think is reflecting our culture. She says that it’s a two way process of demand and supply, what people demand is supplied to them.

Armeena  Rana Khan

She urged to encourage good dramas too,

Armeena  Rana Khan

She wrote on her Twitter ,

“You want to watch good Pakistani content? Watch “Alif” and encourage all that you think reflects your own culture. Responsibility lies on both sides (audience and content makers) supply and demand. Thank you, have a nice day.”

Armeena  Rana Khan

Well it’s true that if good content is made it is watched and appreciated as well, many others have also said that our audience prefer conflicting stories rather than realistic ones. Alif on the other hand is a realistic and strongly plotted drama.

We also agree with Armeena that we should watch all good Pakistani dramas so that they should also be appreciated.

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