Armeena Khan and Shaniera Akram involve in a spat related to lizards

Shaniera Akram 7

Armeena Khan and Shaniera Akram involve in a spat related to lizards.

There was a debate on Twitter over a ‘lizard’ between prominent actress Armeena Khan and wife of former national cricket team captain Shanira Akram.

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Shaniera Akram

Actress Armeena Khan wrote in a message from her Twitter account that never thought that I would encounter a lizard this way.

Responding to her tweet, Shanira Akram wrote ,   ” I don’t get it, Pakistanis have lived through terrorism, wide spread disease, horrific natural disasters, political unrest, famine and poverty. Yet you see one little Gecko and completely lose your shit! “

Shaniera Akram 9
Shaniera Akram

In another of her tweet she wrote,

“Guys, Geckos 🦎 are innocent lizards. They watch over us, eat our dengue mosquitoes and make malaria their dinner. Don’t hate them, they are our friends. Trust me, I’m from Australia, when there is a creature you have to worry about “.

Shaniera Akram 10
Shaniera Akram

Later on, Armeena Rana Khan wrote in her tweet, saying that” I did not mean it, people misunderstood my words, I liked Shaniera very much, and I also admired her work for Karachi. ۔”

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