Anti Muslim riots in New Delhi


The situation in the Indian capital of Delhi is unsettling, with violent incidents leading to the death toll of 7, while the RSS goons have burnt Muslim homes and shops.

According to details, violent incidents and attacks are continuing in Delhi during the visit of US President Trump to India. The death toll so far has been raised to 7 while more than 150 people are injured.

Indian media claims that the RSS goons violently attacked the protestants against the controversial citizenship law, while police charged the protesters with sticks and shelling of teargas, which injured several spectators.

Hindu extremists have started looting in Muslim-majority areas in north-east Delhi, and Muslims are being subjected to the worst violence openly. However, several shops, houses, and petrol pumps were set on fire after being robbed.

The Governor of New Delhi not only refused to meet the victims of violence but also tied the hands of the Delhi Police, after which the Indian police charged the protesting Muslims instead of taking action against the Hindus.

When conditions were out of control, 144 was imposed on New Delhi for the first time. The Delhi administration and the police are trying to blame protestants against the controversial law for the communal riots.

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