Anaya and Hassan from Sabaat are giving us major couple goals

Sabaat 7
Anaya and Hassan from Sabaat are giving us major couple goals.

Anaya and Hassan’s cute Chemistry as an on screen couple is winning hearts of fans. Both are looking super adorable together.

Both Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani are looking so good together in the drama. This can be the future power couple of Pakistan.

The couple has a powerful Chemistry that has grabbed the attention of audience. The previous episode was filled with beautiful moments of couple together with scenic view of Kashmir Valley. The love story of Hassan and Anaya in drama is absolutely moving in a smooth way, so far and fans are anticipating for it to develop more in coming episodes .

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Major twist in the drama happened when Miraal finally acknowledges that she needs to seek a medical help for her mental issues before it gets too late and it seem that the entry of Dr Haris in the Drama will give in some room for romance to Miraal’s devastated and spoiled character.  Usman Mukhtar’s fan were desperately waiting for his entry as Dr Haris. Fans are looking for their chemistry to develop .

Sabaat 9

Besides Miraal’s acceptance of her mental health, it will still not be an easy thing for Anaya to cope up with the complexity of Miraal because she is going to get worst with Anaya. It seems that Anaya and Hassan will still have to face a lot of hurdles from Miraal and her father.

Sabaat 10

Sabaat 11

Overall, Sabaat is going good with zero or no flaws.

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