Amna Ilyas to play Sana Murad of classic Ankahi


Amna Ilyas has just posted a poster of her upcoming theatre venture. She is doing the character of famous Sana Murad from drama serial Ankahi. The actress calls herself Sana Murad whilst announcing about it.

She invites all of the audiences at Arts Council Karachi.

The caption says ,

“Come one come all! Sana Murad can’t wait to welcome you to an evening of humour and love on the 25th of March at Arts Council Karachi! The curtain is up and we are proud to bring back a well loved classic! Presenting Ankahi directed by Dawar Mehmood”

The theatre rendition has been written by Haseena Moin and directed by Dawar Mehmood.


Well, we are all happy that our all time favourite play is coming to theatres where we can recall the good old days. The drama will be performed on 25th of March at arts council Karachi. Amna Ilyas has been just focused to films and theatre . She has taken a very long break from TV and going successful with the choices she makes.

We are excited about the rest of the cast of the drama from Mamu, Timmy, Faraz, Jibran to Taimoor. Any guesses about the cast ?

In order to bring back people to theatres, the directors and writers should bring classics back to the curtains.

We wish that it goes well and people do come to see the drama.  It is high time we should support theatre as it is the genuine medium where the response is abrupt and immediate .


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