Alibaba’s Jack Ma big announcement for Pakistan


Chairman NDMA Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal has said that Alibaba’s owner has announced to give 5 million masks and 50 thousand testing kits to Pakistan while the Chinese government is going to help Pakistan a lot.

According to the details, Chairman NDMA Lt. Gen. Mohammad Afzal said at a press conference with Dr. Zafar Mirza and Dr. Moeed Yusuf that passengers are being checked from the scanner and thermal guns. Quarantine will be decided in more areas in 2 days.

Chairman NDMA said that the provinces have improved their system substantially. The effort is to have each patient in a separate room.

Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal said that work will begin on Tuesday in Beijing-based MBC. The Chinese government is going to help Pakistan a lot. 10 scanners, 20 thousand kits have arrived in Pakistan yesterday.

He said that Alibaba’s owner will donate 5 million masks, 50 thousand kits, while China will decide on the ventilators tomorrow, close to 100 ventilators will be given by China.

Chairman NDMA added that by next Thursday, a bridge will be built between China and Pakistan, and China will send goods from China to Pakistan via ships.

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