Ali Zafar’s song out with the bang


Ali Zafar’s “song mela loot lia” is out now . The song is having a festive feel with a fast beat along with full dancing moves. The song was released on Sunday 7 pm and has just crossed 2.8 million views as per the you tube statistics. The video features fans dancing around the globe.

On the other hand some of people are saying it is not having that PSL feel but fans are of the view that this is what we need, also Ali in the interview has said that the song is solely meant for his fans .


The song’s fastest growing views depicts that it has touched the fans . Ali Zafar has said that the song , video ,lyrics and composition has been created within a week . He also urged the fans to ignore or forgive if it didn’t come up to their expectations. The singer said that he loves to sing for his fans.

Ali Zafar

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