Ali Zafar has witty advice for fans


Ali Zafar has posted a hilarious status on his Twitter in which he renders his services to the fans. The singer and actor says that “Bhai Hazir Hey” if anything is disturbing you in life.


Ali’s message was fully responded by his fans where one of the fan asked piece of advice about his problematic life. Ali’s hilarious reply to the tweet took the Instagram and Twitter by storm.

The fans are loving his replies, it seems that Ali Zafar has realised the importance of keeping in touch with the fans.  Now he involves his fans on Twitter, he is also very active on social media which has eventually become his power.   Currently his song is about to reach 5 million views within three days.


Here is the twitter exchange between Ali Zafar and his fans.

Ali Zafar wrote on Twitter,

“Bhaee se baatein kerne ke liye bhaee ka channel subscribe kero aur jo masala hai bol daalo kyunke. #bhaeehazirhai Ali Zafar “

“Sir mery finals achy ni hory or meri bndi b chor gye mujy or noodles b 35 rupy ky hogyea hain ab or 5 rupy ky cocomo mein sirf 3 biscuit hoty hain kuch kry ap ” , wrote the fan.

Ali Zafar replied in a hilarious way about the problems of the fan.

He wrote,

Finals ke liye parhai Kar
Bandi ajaye gee insan ban
Noodle ki jagah Puri kha
Biskut Chor nankathai pakar
#bhaeekagyan #bhaeehazirhai”

The witty advice was much appreciated by the fans.


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