Ali Zafar hails Sindh govt’s measurements


Ali Zafar hails Sindh Government’s effort to avoid and combat Corona Virus.  The superstar is of the view that a lock down for coming few days is much needed , he also thinks that Punjab government should also follow the footsteps of Sindh Government in this regard.

Ali Zafar took to his twitter about the measures taken by Sindh Government.

His tweets read,

“Sindh’s decision for a complete lock down for next three days, in my opinion, is what is required. Punjab will have to follow sooner or later. Prevention is better than cure. We must do this NOW. Soft Curfew. #CoronaStopKaroNa  #coronaPakistan #responsiblepakistan #softcurfew”


He further said,

“As far as the daily wagers are concerned, as I suggested in my video yesterday, there should be a public-Govt. fund “Corona Rashan Fund” where they should be provided from. The privelaged & Govt. should help the poor in times like these. #CoronaVirusUpdate #CoronaVirusPakistan”

The singer said, “People specially the masses are not aware and used to the concept of “social distancing”. Three days of announced lock down will create the required awareness. Then day to day assessments can be made. #softcurfew #CoronaLockdown”


He said that all corporate sponsors, multinationals who have earned billions from sales from the 6th most populous country in the world over years should make arrangements to provide eatable, drinkable or cleansing products free to the poor.

He emphasised that charity is much needed by rich people in this time of need as many with daily wages will have a difficulty in earning and might be surviving without food


It is high time we all must understand that a soft curfew or a self curfew is much needed at this hour of time.

He also did a live session as awareness campaign for Corona

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