Ali Rehman Khan ‘s Eid this year

Ali Rehman Khan
Ali Rehman Khan

Actor Ali Rehman Khan has said that this time Eid is very different and quiet due to lockdown but it is also calm.

Speaking on Hum News’ entertainment-based program ‘Cover Page’, he said that usually his Eid is full of meetings and his whole family gathers at his grandfather’s house and enjoys the recreations of Eid. But this time everyone has preferred to live in their own homes.

Ali Rehman Khan

Ali Rehman, who played the lead role in Hum TV’s blockbuster drama serial Khas, said that this Eid is so peaceful that I am having a good time with my family and I am happy at home.

Ali Rehman Khan

Describing his nature, he said that the lockdown did not affect him much, he said he do not meet most people but prefer to stay at home.

“The lockdown has made me realize that we are so busy on the weekends that our minds are planning something, but now we have peace of mind because we don’t have to plan all the time,” said Rehman.

Ali Rehman Khan

Continuing his speech, he said that now we will learn to value things because sitting at home we have realized how great a blessing God had given us.

“For the first time, I didn’t have friends with me on my birthday, so it felt weird,” he said.

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