Ali Rehman calls out private hospitals , making extra bucks in emergency


Ali Rehman Khan has been much vocal about the social issues and he actually takes part in educating people by performing social experiments. He did it against dowry and insensitive attitude of privileged people in public. Well this time he is in wrath because of the private Hospitals and the medical staff who are making business out of Corona Pandemic spread .

He replied to a post by the user on social media,

The user wrote,

“While private laboratories are charging Rs 7,900 to test for corona virus, public hospitals are testing for free. Those in Lahore can go to Services Hospital to be tested.”

To that Ali Rehman replied,

” This is ridiculous. No lab should be trying to make an extra buck at a time like this, especially when a pandemic has been declared around the world. #CoronavirusPandemic”


He said that no lab and medical center should try to make extra money out of the natural emergency and must help people in it, while the social media user has said that instead of rushing to private hospitals we must go to the government hospitals which are honest than private ones .


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