Ali Abbas called out Maria B and her husband


Actor Ali Abbas is appalled at the shameful act by Maria B and her husband. The story took the internet by storm a few days ago when designer Maria B and her husband sent their cook to his village , him , after being tested positive for Covid-19.

The actor Ali Abbas posted on Instagram that it is a shameful act by designer and her husband.

He said that the least they could do was to send him into quarantine in his servant quarter or they could send him to hospital on humanitarian grounds.

The couple later on clarified the scenario but the people aren’t buying their clarifications. Hamza Ali Abbasi later also came to the defence of couple saying ” they are good people who have been wronged “.

The internet users are not buying these clarifications. The people are saying that the couple has just tried to save their family from the patient and this act was too rude. Social media is full of memes on the designer .


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