Ahsan Khan urges fans to stop trolling Ertugrul cast

Ahsan Khan 7

Ahsan Khan has come harder on fans on doing shameless trolling to the Ertugrul Cast.

The actor is of the view that it is considered okay to troll actors in Pakistan and judge them on their clothes, acts and activities but not anywhere else.

Ahsan Khan

The actor said that it is not at all okay to troll international actors, he said to Pakistani trollers that stop this shameful act immediately and do not embarrass us.  He said that who are we to judge them.

Ahsan Khan

Fans are of the view that it’s great that Ahsan Khan has raised this voice because we needed someone with higher standing to address this issue because trollers were going out of hands.

Ahsan Khan

We would urge the Pakistani audience who love to troll, please just watch the show and respect their artists. Fans are of the view that trollers are embarrassing Pakistan internationally.

The mindsets need to be changed here in Pakistan if they want international content in Pakistan because we don’t want to be blamed for something we don’t practice .

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