Ahsan Khan is angry at Mayo Hospital’s doctors


Ahsan Khan is angry at Mayo Hospital Lahore’s attitude with a 73 years old Patient.  The actor has posted a viral video in which the patient was crying in pain while his hands and feet were tied with the bed and the whole ward was listening to him, couldn’t reach to help him because he was covid 19 positive.


The doctors are of the view that the patient’s heart wasn’t working and they can’t give medication to such patient and such patients are tied usually, the video is maligning the doctors.

The Alif Actor is of the view that this behaviour is beyond humanity where there are no doctors and the patient is tied brutally with the bed.

The actor posted,

“A 73-year-old patient, was shown tied helplessly to his bed according to a video on social media. In the hospital’s isolation ward, the patient could be heard asking for medical staff to tend to him, but his hands and feet were tied to the bed..?
  #coronavirusinpakistan #Punjab”


The patient sadly died afterwards due to Corona and a partial heart functioning. We hope and pray that this catastrophic situation to die down soon .