Ahmad Godil the PSL host is upset with public’s harsh judgments

Ahmad Godil 7

Ahmad Godil the PSL’s anchor is upset with the feedback he received at his anchoring at PSL.

The compare said that he wasn’t the host for the event, he was the ground host to cheer the public up. He said I was given task to keep the public involved till the ceremony begins.

He said that it’s been 24 hours my mobile phone is buzzing with memes, bashing. People are attacking me and my family.

Ahmad Godil 8

He said that I have been doing shows from years, I presented shows in USA along with famous singers . The presenter said that I didn’t bash anyone on stage. I didn’t use bad words then why is everyone getting angry at me. He said that what were the audiences expecting from me?
A dance or a stand up comedy?

He said that I am so sad that people are so blunt and ruin entire life of a person on just one thing they don’t like.

Ahmad Godil 9

Well, many actors and cricketers came to support Ahmad Godil. Shoaib Akhtar said ” take it easy on him, he is a good guy”

We surely believe that he is a good guy and a very talented host. It is sad that the anchor had to jump in to ask for the forgiveness, people are so blunt that they can’t even forgive.

The PSL’s ceremony was a complete failure but the achor had to face all the backlash.

The ceremony was not organized and performers complained, all the famous singers did not get much time on stage but blaming the compare only is a little unfair.