Ahmad Godil got banned on revealing truth about PSL


PSL  opening ceremony’s mis management and failure has uncovered many hidden stories of ongoing conspiracies . One of the chaotic stories is Ahmad Godil’s statement regarding Ali Zafar.  The PSL ground host has been banned after the statement . The host opened up in a video about his ban saying that it is injustice with him.

Yesterday, he revealed that the PSL hasn’t allowed him to play any anthem by Ali Zafar and after that PCB suspended him from PSL tournament.




There has been an ugly scene that was revealed by the anchor Ahmad Godil in pressure. The anchor also feared that after this statement it will be difficult for him to survive and the same thing happened when PCB banned him . He also tagged and urged Ali Zafar to see his post . Later on , the host expressed his grief on the ban in his video.


Ali Zafar has also expressed his grief over the ban on his songs being  played in the ground during PSL. The singer said PSL isn’t owning its own production, which is sad.

Waseem Badami also has a role in this chaos where he is sharing the information with all the concerned parties.

It seems that PSL will uncover a lot of rivalries, conspiracies and professional grudges.

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