Ahmad Godil’s fact stating about Ali Zafar songs’ ban in PSL is shocking


Ahmad Godil’s fact stating in his  interview about Ali zafar flabbergasted him when in a live show Waseem Badami showed the clip of PSL ground host Godil where he confessed that after the whole fiasco about Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi, the PSL didn’t allow him to play any of previous PSL anthem sung by Ali Zafar.


Whilst listening to this fact, Ali Zafar got dumbfound and hardly believed it . The singer said if it is true then it is sad as PSL is the brand,  not only confined to one person. It is Pakistani brand and any singer ‘s song can be played.

The expert commentator Basit Ali appreciated Ali zafar and said “khail jamey ga” so far is the best song and Ali Zafar is best.

Ali Zafar said that if PSL is not owning it’s own song then what can I say? .


Waseem Badami urged him to sing a song for PSL as it belongs to every Pakistani and they want to hear from Ali Zafar.

Well,  we love Ali Zafar and we want his version of PSL anthem as well .

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