Ahmad Ali Butt thinks that Aurat March is distorted by feminists


Actor Ahmed Ali Butt believes that the slogan for Aurat March Mera Jism Meri Marzi is wrong and it is a Western campaign designed or distorted in here to make Prostitution and abortion legal. He said the campaign is being exploited locally.


In a recent Instagram story, Butt talked about how the slogan that goes against the country’s cultural values is being promoted when Aurat March is around the corner.

He said ” I Have no sympathy with abusers ”

He further added,

“I have even less sympathy for people who exploit the so-called Mera J Merey XYZ”. Its a Western campaign which supports, make abortion legal, abolish ban on organ sale and make prostitution legal, ”.

The actor is of the view that it is shocking how our society jumps on a band-wagon and follow the westernised thoughts of legalising abortion and prostitution blindly.

He was tried to be bashed by Dawn Images on which the actor responded quickly.

Dawn urged Ahmad Ali but to educate about the slogan, to which he said ” it’s good to see a news paper talking about education and hypocrisy when your every clip and view is paid for, Carry on with it. “.


He also talked about how it was sad to see how people are following such “funded” movements.


“When it comes to women rights, Islam has the most rights rights and respect for women. It’s sad to see how we forgot that and follow a trend and funded movements,” he said.

The organisers of the Aurat March are clarifying the ambiguous slogan on many occasions. They are now of the view that the  slogan is about bodily autonomy and independence for women.

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