Ahmad Ali Butt and Vasay Chaudhry school the local website


Ahmad Ali Butt is under scrutiny of a news paper website after he has openly announced his verdict about the slogans of Aurat March on which Dawn News paper criticised him using his hashtags on which Ahmad Ali Butt responded befittingly.


The news paper was also called out openly by Vasay Chaudhary after that. Vasay wrote that go try to fix your own issues, stop copy pasting articles from international websites, don’t write the paid reviews and he also advised to the news paper to fix it’s own boss and house.

Ahmad Ali Butt says the same news paper who wrote great reviews about all my films are now bashing me on my opinion  . The actor also wrote that this shows how biased and paid these news papers are.


Well, the situation is getting chaotic and hotter than ever where the groups have been emerged out of the current fiasco. Now there are just groupings, bashing and declared differences. We hope from artist community to just calmly handle the issue and stop provoking others on one issue.

What does a tweet from an actor do?

Well it agitates , it instigates other actors to talk on the matter too.

We haven’t seen super stars like Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa and Fawad Khan digging into ugly debates.  It’s not about being quiet, it’s about responsibility, people follow the bandwagon and they will follow opinions naturally.

We hope and pray the real issues get resolved instead of these spats which are making situation unpleasant. 

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