Adnan Siddiqui says Mohsin Abbas Haider surely needs another chance

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The famous actor and producer Adnan Siddiqui has rightfully jumped into favor of very talented Actor and Singer Mohsin Abbas Haider. Adnan is of the view that whatever has happened in Mohsin’s personal life should never be documented and he should be given another fair chance.

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Well, we all know that Mohsin is a great actor, he is well established actor and has done 5 dramas in which Muqabil and Meri Guriya were the hit dramas. Lashkara was also loved by the audiences despite its complexed theme . All the dramas done by Mohsin revolve around social issues. He doesn’t opt for the heroic roles . The actor has proven his mettle in Na Maloom Afrad 1 and 2 as well. His character as Ajji in Baji was highly appreciated by the masses.

Adnan Siddiqui says Mohsin has already been punished enough

The Actor and Producer Adnan Siddiqui is of the view that he has been punished enough . Adnan expressed this in an interview. It is worth noting here that Mohsin is doing a project under the direction of Sohail Javed. The drama’s name is Ghamandi and Adnan Siddiqui is producing the drama.

The fans of Mohsin Abbas Haider are happy on this news and yes , we are also of the view that he should be given another chance because we don’t want to lose a great actor and neither want to judge him when the families have moved on.

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