Here is what Adnan Siddiqui has directly said to Sarfaraz Ahmad on live show

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Here is what Adnan has directly said to Sarfaraz Ahmad on live show.

Adnan Siddiqui has apologised in the live show from Sarfaraz Ahmad. He said that he didn’t mean to hurt him but it was all done in Fun to make the show more witty.

Likewise Sarfaraz Ahmad said that neither of Adnan’s joke hurt him because he knew it was all in the fun and was being done in show during the heat of competition between the teams.

Adnan Siddiqui

Well , another Incident was being encountered in Jeeto Pakistan yesterday when Humayun Saeed talked about Nauman Ijaz in a friendly manner which showed that he didn’t take Nauman Ijaz’s remarks seriously.

We love that all these actors are acting maturely if someone makes mistake, the other one just does not create a fuss about it but keep it calm.

Adnan Siddiqui

So, fans are now too happy with Adnan and Humayun Saeed on handling these matters so good because both of them have a new league of fans as well after the huge success of mere paas tum ho.

We have shared the links to both the videos for you .