Actress Uzma Khan tortured at her house

Uzma khan 7

An unfortunate incident took place in lahore involving actress Uzma Khan and her sister. Actress Uzma Khan tortured at her house by the daughters of Malik Riaz at midnight.

Uzma Khan

Malik Riaz’s daughter lead the terror assault herself at UzmaKhan’s house. They poured kerosene on them and made them walk on broken glasses. After that they have shot the video of whole incident. The actress was accused of having relationship with Malik Riaz’s Son in law Usman.  The ladies have entered forcefully in the actress’s house.

The official statement of actress Uzma Khan has been released in which she has announced to fight with these elites of the society.

Uzma Khan

The actress has announced to fight this case and asked help from police and people of Pakistan.

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The actress has announced the date and time of the press conference and urged Media people to be there at the press club. The actress has said that she has nothing to lose now, her life and career is at stake and she is being threatened but she will not run like this. She urged everyone to stand by her side in this difficult time.

Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan

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