Actress Ushna Shah again invited trolls after targeting doctors

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TV Actress Ushna Shah again invited trolls after taking a dig at doctors dancing in hospitals. The actress says that isn’t it the wastage of their precious time which they are supposed to give to the patients at hospital.

The TV actress Ushna Shah says that doctors are right now supposed to do their duties as priority instead of wasting time.

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She writes,

” I am curious to know about people’s thought on the doctors and nurses creating the choreographed dances in hospitals. I am conflicted : on one hand I understand they need uplifting breaks but on the other hand, these dances seem time consuming, PRECIOUS time consuming, thoughts?”

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actress ushna shah

The actress was harshly dealt by the fans who don’t even want to listen a word about doctors especially when they are working hard in these difficult times. People actually attacked the actress with their thoughts.

The Balaa actress, who has been famous for her unusual thoughts had ended up deleting her tweet probably.  The actress often raises some unusual issues and usually delete it after facing backlash by fans.  The actress has also taunted a lot of news websites for circulating news about her interviews.

It may be the actress’s view point but currently people are extremely touchy about doctors and same happened with the actress that she had to face backlash.

Here are screen shots of comments.

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