Actress Samina Peerzada has some quarantine tips for the people.

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Veteran actress Samina Peerzada has some quarantine tips for people.

Samina Peerzada a popular actress and very well known for her show Rewind With Samina Peerzada is conducting her show online from home. Last night she shared some beautiful tips for people to stay at home.

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Samina Peerzada

The Actress said, How are you I hope you all are fine at home. The weather outside is beautiful as spring season has arrived but it’s not the time to go outside. It’s time to stay at home despite beautiful weather. “

She further said, ” it is time to read a forgotten book that has been kept on your book shelf for so long, or maybe it is a time to try some recipe or maybe it is the time for you to talk to yourself and explore your self “

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Samina Peerzada

She said, ” it is really important sometimes to dig into yourself and explore about your own personality, one must take time out for him/her self.

The eloquence of the actress really convinced the fans to spend the days the way she has given them the thought .

We wish these times to pass soon.

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