Actress Saboor Aly’s idea of Quarantine is perfect


Since everyone of us are quarantined at home including our famous celebrities. All of them are getting bored and sorting their far-forgotten activities. Saboor Aly has revealed her talented side amidst these locked down days. She has made a beautiful painting.  All the fans have gotten shocked seeing the hidden talent of the actress.


Saboor Ali says that she held the brush after a while and made the painting. It is the perfect time to reconnect with your older self and so was done by our actress.


Here are the beautiful pictures of the painting she brushed and posted on her Instagram. The painting is really beautiful that depicts that our actors are really skillful and gifted.


We suggest you all to reconnect with your forgotten hobbies in these chaotic and depressing times. It is good that all of us and the actors are rebooting ourselves. 


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