Actress Saba Qamar number has been hacked

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actress Saba Qamar

Famous TV Actress Saba Qamar’s number has been hacked through an application.

Famous TV actress Saba Qamar’s number has been hacked and misused through an app. The manager of the actress got a call from Saba’s number where there has been an anonymous male voice. The manager of the actress confirmed from Saba Qamar right after the call about her phone being lost or not but her phone was with her.

The Actress’s manager has warned everyone of the scams and said that don’t bother any suspicious and anonymous call pretending to be as the actress Saba Qamar.

The manager of the film and TV actress has told that the situation for now is under control but sharing this is important.

She told that she almost got 10 calls from Saba’s number asking her if she is Mishi and the person was an anonymous young man. He had found the phone at a park Saba jogs at, and upon inquiring how he accessed the phone, he implied that he found it unlocked. The manager of Saba asked him who and where he is, to which he kept asking if this is Saba’s number and when her manager got mad, he cut the phone,”

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 Saba too was shocked that how is someone using her number to call, as per Mashal Cheema’s report.

Meshal then added that they found out the scam through the video chatting app Houseparty that has been gaining popularity during the lockdown as a lot of people are using it to stay in touch with their friends.

It is indeed a dangerous application. We should actually be aware of all the digital scams .