Actress Nimra Khan opens up about her accident

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Actress Nimra Khan opens up about her accident.

We idealise our celebrities a lot, we think that they are leading a smooth patch in their lives but usually realities differ from our imaginations , actress Nimra Khan also told fans about her struggle in life when she had an accident.

Actress Nimra Khan just opens up about her accident that led her bedridden for one and a half year.

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Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan Shares her Heart Wrenching Story, she said in 2014 while coming back from the shooting the actress got a low blood pressure and her car collided with an army jeep .

This accident has changed her self  completely as she suffered physically and mentally both.

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Nimra Khan

She said, “For one and a half year I have been on a wheelchair. I was dependent on others and had been through hard times. I could not even go to the bathroom by myself.”

Recently, the actress has got married in a simple family gathering.

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Nimra Khan with husband

“But Allah blessed me again and I was able to walk again. Now I can work again and do everything on my own.”

She further said, “I have seen my parents struggling more than me. Seriously, in these times no one was with me except my parents because they love me a lot.”

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Nimra Khan with husband

She further said that she didn’t get food for many nights in the hospital and her parents in her pain didn’t eat anything at that time as well. She said that such sacrifices are only given by parents  , she also urged people to stop expecting from others as it will only hurt them.

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