Actress Mashal Khan angry on PUBG ban

Mashal khan

Actress Mashal Khan is angry on PUBG ban.

The rumours of Banning PUBG are arising and the gamers are not at all happy  . Actress Mashal Khan Aka Kinza of Suno Chanda isn’t happy on the ban on PUBG.

 Mashal  khan

The actress is of the view that it is only PUBG that has held people sane in such a horrific situation like Lock-down.

She says that it is really sad that government is going to ban PUBG.

Mashal Khan says that she is not just happy with this situation.

 Mashal  khan

Well, we hope that it is just a rumour because it is true that these activities should not be stopped because there should be some force behind staying at home.

Also, on a serious note LHC has directed PTA to ban PUBG in Pakistan.

 Mashal  khan

Lahore High Court has finally taken the decision and has directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to ban the online mobile gaming app .

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