Actress Fiza Ali got attacked and abused by a lady

Fiza Ali

Actress Fiza Ali got attacked and abused by an arrogant lady in the parking lot

The girl was an Army officer’s daughter as per Fiza’s story.

Actress Fiza Ali shared the whole incident on her Instagram account. Actress Fiza Ali said that how does our elite class live in the month of Ramadan?

Actress Fiza Ali said that she was returning from the hospital after getting her 5-year-old daughter checked up in the hospital.

Fiza Ali said “as I pulled out of the car in the parking lot, the unidentified woman’s  car was parked right in front of my car. A lot of cars were also giving horns But this arrogant woman was not moving at all”

Fiza Ali

The actress further said that the woman, who was sitting in a Mercedes car with a number plate of Islamabad, was thinking of herself as a queen.

The actress said ” she kept insulting everyone, I asked her several times to get out of the car, I had to go home but she kept showing me “middle finger”.

She said ” she was constantly announcing that I am the Colonel’s daughter, my husband is SHO, I will pick you up, I will expose you.”

Fiza Ali

Fiza Ali further said , ”I was fasting and was repeatedly telling her that it is the month of Ramadan, I am fasting, don’t bother me, but she was not fasting and was chewing the gum constantly . I also jokingly told her that I was coming to have Corona test I would touch your car and infect you too but her arrogance was not diminishing.

Actress Fiza Ali was wearing a veil at the time of the incident. When the woman started swearing  and threatening and intimidating her from her  police and army background Fiza Ali  started shooting videos.

Fiza Ali

According to actress Fiza Ali, when she saw me making her video, she got out of her car in a fit of rage and she attacked me saying, “Bitch!” What are you doing on the phone? What are you doing on the phone? When she attacked me, snatched my phone and started shaking hands with me, the rest of the video of the incident was made by my maid while my innocent daughter was terrified to see all this which is still in a state of shock.

Fiza Ali

The actress further said that she started pulling my hair and pulling my veil . When she pulled my veil and exposed my face, she recognised me as actress Fiza Ali which frightened her.

The actress further said in her written message that she insulted me and said me bitch and I didn’t know what to say. She was abusive like men.

According to the actress, the woman tried to terrify her of her status by saying, “I am the colonel’s daughter, my husband is SHO, I will pick you up, I will see you.”

After learning that Fiza Ali was a celebrity, the woman who attacked Fiza Ali went to the car and hid her face and locked herself in a car.

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