Actors definitely hire bloggers to conspire too , Mohsin Abbas Haider


The singer said that all the big celebrities supported me when I just released my song so it’s not true solely that my industry left me. He was invited by Waseem Badami where he was inquired in detail about the turmoil he went through.

The actor spoke his heart out after a very long time .

Meera, Nauman Ijaz, Fahad Mustafa, Qaiser Pia and Iftikhar Thakur all supported the actor through his thick and thin.


He said the people who didn’t lend their support to me are no big names but tried to gain attention from a trending issue which worked for them.

The actor also said “I have discussed about my anger in the show which was taken into another context after the allegations on me”.


He said that Hira Mani in the same show said ” I just hit the other person while I am angry” , but no one bothered .

The actor said “I never have ever said in the interview that I beat in anger but yes what I accepted was that I bad-mouth in anger, which is true and I am accepting that  “.

The actor says hiring bloggers is a trend and it is not hard to believe that now they are hired to ruin the careers. 

The actor had also lost his job at Duniya Tv right  after the whole scenario of alleged differences with his wife went viral on media

The actor has said that I am a happy person with no regrets because the script writer is Allah. The actor has the message for ex-wife to stay happy and achieve whatever she wanted from life . He has no harsh feelings about her now.


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