Actor Faysal Quraishi replied to haters

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Actor Faysal Qureshi responded to the haters who posted a picture along with the caption that where are all those game shows and hosts who were distributing free motorbikes, we request them to at least give two three ration bags to the needy.

To that picture Faysal Qiraishi not only retweeted but explained the matter as well.

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Faysal Quraishi

The actor said that, it was sponsors’ job that we used to give on the game shows but still I am clearing that we are doing it in our individual capacity, he said that we haven’t so far publicised what we did. He further said that ask blessings for everyone.

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He wrote ,

“Woh sponsors ka kamal tha aur game show tha per yeah baat clear karoon jo jo hosakta hey woh kiya hey aur kar rahay hain uss ka dikhawa nahi kiya ..sab k liye khair mngain “

The Muqaddar actor has previously spoken against publicity of charity. He said that do help but let it be a secret. The actors urged not to show the faces of those who are taking ration bags.