A misconception and propaganda regarding defense budget

Defense budget

The following article will clear your misconception regarding the defense budget of Pakistan. It will also expose the propaganda against the security forces of Pakistan.

Pakistan Budget for the fiscal year 2020-21 has been presented in the national assembly and senate yesterday. After the presentation of the budget, social media users are giving their views regarding it.

There is a debate going on regarding the defense budget of Pakistan which is being compared with the education and health budget of Pakistan. Many social media users are criticizing the less budget of education and health as compared to the budget of defense.

I will present some tweets in which there is a propaganda against the Army without a description of facts. Just check out these tweets.

Now, I will describe the reality and expose their agenda. After the 18th amendment, education was passed on to the provinces and the education budget is allocated by the provinces, however, the defense budget is only allocated in the federal budget.

Here, the education budget of the federation is being compared with the defense one without considering the educational budgets of the provinces. So, they’re thinking that they’ll be able to fool the people. Their prime aim is only to target the security forces.

So, I would recommend you not to share, tweet any information before cross-checking it otherwise they will be able to implement their filthy agendas. They want to distance us from our security forces as they did in 1971. Be aware this is a war called a fifth-generation war or hybrid war. You all are soldiers of the state. Play your role. Keep your flag high. Pakistan Forever.

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