Antonio Guterres speech at Afghan Refugee Summit


UN Secretary-General UN Antonio Guterres says the UN is in the right of repatriation of Afghan refugees. Millions of people’s lives can be changed through Afghan peace and that all problems can be solved on Afghan soil.

According to details, at the World Conference on Afghan Refugees, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres began his address saying Assalam o Alaikum and said that Afghan people have been suffering from problems for 40 years and Pakistan has been hosting Afghan refugees for 40 years.

The UN Secretary-General said that Pakistan’s broad heart span for decades. Pakistan opened its doors to Afghan refugees. Pakistan is the second biggest host country for Afghan refugees. Pakistan and Iran are the major countries providing refuge to Afghan refugees.

Antonio Guterres said that we appreciate Pakistan’s decision to register Afghan refugees. International assistance in confessing Pakistan’s services is limited. International assistance is very important for Afghan refugees.

He said that despite internal problems, Pakistan took steps for Afghan refugees. The Holy Quran spoke of equality earlier than the Refugee Convention. The UN is in favor of the repatriation of Afghan refugees.

The UN Secretary-General added that millions of lives can be changed through Afghan peace. The solution of all Afghan problems is possible only through the Afghan soil.