14 people dead from poisonous gas in Kemari


14 people   have been killed from poisonous gas in Kemari, Karachi

The federal and the Sindh government has no answer to the hazardous gas leakage in Kemari karachi . The government is being unable to control the gas .

According to the director of the hospital 500 injured people have been admitted to the hospital in which most of the people are in serious conditions.

The toxic gas in Karachi took 14 lives in two days and the cause has not been found yet . Today a 35 years old lady has also died in the hospital where she was given the treatment.

Still there has been no answer to the cause of incident. The city administration is unable to figure out how and from where the gas that spread in Kemari area of Karachi  appeared from and how did it spread ?

No company could detect gas leakage in time which is the incompetence and Failure of the city administration.

According to police sources,  offloading of soybeans from the ship has affected the nearby community. The work proceeded even during the day, but due to the slow spread of wind, it didn’t harm the public  but it has intensely affected the people later with the pressure of wind.

Soybeans were being offloaded from beach at Karachi port later on, the offloading has  been stopped.

According to police officials, the area will be checked daily  to prevent the offloading of the soybeans.

According to the police the soybean dust particles have been found from the blood samples of the people who got killed with the poisonous gas in Kemari.