11 new cases of coronavirus reported in Sindh


In Sindh, two more new cases of coronavirus were reported, followed by 15 cases of coronavirus cases across Sindh and 18 cases of virus-infected patients in Pakistan.

According to the details, the number of cases of Corona is increasing in Pakistan. Sindh Health Department said that two more new cases of coronavirus were reported in Sindh. One case was reported in Hyderabad while the other new case was from Karachi.

The Health Department of Sindh said that the affected person in Hyderabad had traveled to Syria via Doha, while the other affected patient had traveled to Dubai.

According to the Health Department of Sindh, the number of coronavirus cases has increased to 15 in Sindh while two new cases have been reported, while in Pakistan the number of corona virus-infected patients has increased to 18.

Special Assistant to PM for health Dr. Zafar Mirza said in a tweet that the affected people were in contact with patients suffering from corona. More people are being tested.

Remember that 8 new cases of Corona were also reported in Karachi yesterday, of which 5 patients traveled to Syria via Doha and 3 patients had traveled to London via Dubai.

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